Late 80’s: The Period Our Interest In Collecting Artworks Began.

raw-canvas-2How did my husband and I began our hobby? The image above has nothing to do with how we started. It is featured here as part of our collections while I blog.

It must have been back in 1988 or 89, we were holidaying in Hong Kong and were staying at a friend’s house. The guestroom where we were housed, were filled with rows and rows of paintings leaning against the wall. For the few nights we were there, we spent our spare time flipping through the owner’s collections. I secretly believed that was how it all began. The mentality of “I, too want to collect like him” definitely crossed our minds.

We didn’t have any formal training in art, except for 2 years where I studied pottery. When we asked the owner how he started his collections, his reply was “I buy what people asked me to buy”. But he was a banker, so money was of no issue to him plus he was a bachelor and had no commitments.

When we decided to pursue this subject, we constantly asked ourselves the following questions: How to start collecting, where to start, what to buy, where to buy, who to consult, is the artist worth our time and money. The most important questions asked even till this day: “Will my art help me make money?”. All these questions did replay in our minds many times. But had we allowed these questions to play a part in our decisions, we would not have gotten so far.  We definitely had a lot of fun buying what we like then, it was a buyer’s world, at least from when we started till around 2005. Not anymore these days sadly. Everyone who dabbles in retail art is out to make money from buyers. So where do you go from here to continue your hobby? Yes, collecting fine arts is no longer a fun hobby. It has become very expensive. Stay tuned for my next blog on how you can still collect and perhaps make money out of being a collector.

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Looking Back at Lennon and Kennedy

Iskandar Fauzy

This sepia tone canvas was conceptualized from the artist’s imagination of 2 iconic figures, one in music and the other in politics. A very easily recognized face, these 2 had left their marks on the world history. The subject is of 2 people sharing a light-hearted moment while having an ice cream and lollipop.

Iskandar Fauzy is an interior designer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in his early forties. In his free time when in between interior assignments, he dabbles in art and his key subjects are often made up of a combination of world figures, in performance or political scenes. Examples of his other works includes the late Lee Kuan Yew with Mick Jagger or Putin with Obama and Al Pacino or Marilyn Monroe with Johnny Depp.

We met Iskandar during the Yogya art fair back in 2015, visited him in his studio and he showed us a whole series of such combination works. Of all the canvases shown, this particular piece caught our eyes because of the fun nature of 2 grown men eating sweets that is usually a child’s favourite. We will never be able to witness these 2 usually serious men until and artist is able to transpose this fun of it onto a canvas.

Sagaseed Collections mission is always to spot young emerging artist to provide them with seed money and platform to showcase their talents. Acquiring this work was part of achieving that mission.

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From An Art Collector’s Point of Views


Welcome to Sagaseed Collections. A place where you will read our views about collecting art as a hobby. Since the 1990s, we started collecting a variety of art works through our travels, auction houses, galleries and art fairs across Asia Pacific. Our experience over the years has allowed families and friends to share in this passionate hobby.

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